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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Live poker is rigged

From CardPlayer's live updates at the Bike:

Date / Time: 2005-08-29 20:55:00
Title: Gabe Kaplan Takes a Big Hit
Log: After a flop of 10d-4h-2c, Matt Elsby is all in against Gabe Kaplan. Elsby shows pocket aces, but Kaplan flopped a set. Elsby was way behind, needing to catch an ace to stay alive. The turn card? The ace of diamonds. Kaplan suddenly becomes the underdog, with a single out in the deck to make quads. The river card is a blank (Kd), and Elsby wins a big pot to catapult up to $118,000 in chips. Kaplan, who has been among the chip leaders, was knocked down to $45,000, and he was visibly displeased with that bad beat.

Date / Time: 2005-08-29 20:15:00
Title: An Improbable Beat
Log: Two players got their money in preflop. One with pocket kings, the other with pocket jacks. After a flop of K-J-7 the player with pocket kings hopped out of his seat and exclaimed, "Yes, yes, yes." The turn brought a Q, and the player with pocket kings pumped his fist. See if you can guess the end of this bad beat story. The river brought a xxxxx.

A jack!

The player with pocket jacks hit his one outer on the river to eliminate the player with pocket kings. "No," the player with pocket kings said, as he turned away from the table, shocked at the turn of events that saw a nearly certain double up instead send him to the rail.


Blogger Socksy Mama said...

It's a shame it's been nearly 3 weeks since your last posting. Maybe you need a Monday night challenge.

12:05 PM  
Blogger shawningals3215 said...

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