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Monday, August 22, 2005

What Might Have Been

It was time to mix things up yesterday, so I ponied up 180 FPP from my PokerStars account to enter a satellite to the 1800 FPP satellite to the $2500 main event of the WCOOP. So, it was a satellite, to a satellite, to an actual cash money event. Got it?

First hand, I flopped top pair, and bet the pot. One person remains, calling my bet. Nothing happens on the turn and the river to make me think he has me beaten, but he calls another pot-sized bet on the turn, and when I check the river to him, he goes all-in. I couldn't for the life of me think of how he could have me beaten, but the betting gave me pause. I call. He had 5-2 offsuit, matching nothing on the board. Basically threw away 180 FPP on a stupid bluff to open the tourney. Whatever, man.

I played solid, but not spectacular poker. Managed to avoid big pots with marginal hands, and caught a few saving cards on the river. Nothing that could be considered a bad beat, but I'm sure some of the people I knocked out believe differently. I can't believe the whining of some people. If the beats are easier to take after some whining, more power to you, I guess.

The tourney sent the top 26 finishers on to the next tourney, and the 27th place finisher got the remaining points (1400). Out of 250 or so people, I felt pretty good about finding my way into the 30s. Of course, that's when I started thinking about surviving instead of winning, and my stack started to waste away. As the 33rd person went out, I was looking pretty anemic. Then the deck reached out and hit me, and I took advantage of a guy at the table who kept trying to put me all-in. When the 27th place person dropped, I was 3rd in chips, and looking at a pretty solid finish.

Guess what?

When the prize is the same for all places 1-26, the tournament ends after the 27th person goes out. I guess no one wants to play for pride.

The fun thing is that I'm in a satellite to a main event, and the top 9 players in the satellite move on. I hope I play well, and get some cards, because I would be excited just to play in a big money event.

Sorry for the rambling, but I can't seem to organize my thoughts today.


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