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Friday, August 26, 2005

Ye Olde Hammer

Mrs. Jackmama and I had a friendly wager last night, in which we'd each play a Stars $5.50 SNG, and whoever placed better was the winner. As soon as Jackmama the Smaller was put to bed, I jumped into a tourney. As the more responsible parent, Mrs. Jackmama actually waited until Jackmama the Smaller was asleep.

It may have been the first hand, or maybe the second hand, when Mrs. Jackmama looked down to find JJ in early position. I wasn't paying attention this early, but I'd put her on a medium raise with that hand. Everyone folds to the button, who raises all-in. Mrs. Jackmama has some gambler in her, so she calls. Button turns over AK, and nails an A on the river to put her out 9th. Well, it took some pressure off of me with our bet.

I played pretty well in my tourney, and I'm feeling better about my decisions. The other day I was browsing Paul Phillips' FAQ, and came across his response to people seeking advice:

I would like to talk about poker or obtain poker feedback.

Best of luck. Play tighter and more aggressively.

I think I'd been turning LAG-gy recently, while still believing I was a conservative player. This made for some very bad decisions. As I play now, I repeat that advice in my head. As long as I know that I am playing tight-aggressive, I feel like I can take the occasional shot to mix it up, but I'm not taking them nearly as often as I was. It's not really as important as my feeling that I made the right decisions, but I took 1st in my SNG. I guess I overachieved in my bet with the wife.

During the tourney, there was a dropping of the hammer.


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