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Monday, September 26, 2005

80% Winners! Call Now!

What a nice weekend for betting the NFL. I hit the parlay, and went 1-1 on my picks against the spread. I'll be recusing myself from any more bets on the Bears against the spread, since I think my impartiality is compromised. I'm also temporarily tied for the week lead in my family fantasy league, and going 3-0 in the league at work. The NFL has been good to me so far. This is about the time where it may choose to start taking back. We'll see.

So, I went 1-1 in my straight bets, and hit a 3 total parlay. Does that make my NFL record 4-1 so far? I'm going to say it does, and if any of my zero readers have a problem with it, then they can let me know. Quoth Homer Simpson, "Lord, if I am doing the right thing, please give me absolutely no sign. I offer this milk and these cookies to you in gratitude. If you would like me to eat the milk and cookies, give me absolutely no sign. Thank you." Well, paraphraseth Homer Simpson, anyway. My memory isn't as good as it once was.

Three SNGs last night, one 2nd place finish. The tables were kinda wild with all-in pushmonkeys, which was kind of fun, at least until I bubbled out when my JJ ran into QQ.


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