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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

You Can Take the Saints out of New Orleans

But you can't take the suck out of the Saints. All of the people that want to rally around the Saints as the new "America's Team" have clearly never watched the Saints play. Their trademark is stupid mistakes and penalties, as we saw last night. I think Joe Horn is learning that it's a tough task to transform from showboating asshole to inspirational leader, as well. Oh well, it was a more interesting game than the Cowboys v. Redskins, if only for the Stooges-like performance of the Saints.

It's been a little while since I played any poker, as football season crept up behind me and then grabbed me by the throat. I played a SNG last night on Full Tilt, though, and made it to 3rd. I didn't play all that well, since I was concentrating on football, but I guess that helped me to fold my way down to 5 players, as well. I played in one of the Katrina tournaments on Poker Stars last week, and after about 15 minutes, I got bored and wanted to watch football, so I went all-in until someone knocked me out.

My readership numbers in the single digits, and so I feel I have a whole lot of leeway on content in this blog. So, prepare for some football content to creep in, since it is my single obsession during the Fall and early Winter. I've been playing around with YPP (yards per point) numbers for help in handicapping games, and it's forcing me to face some of my football biases. For example, would you believe that I show Chicago to be 4.5 point favorites over the Bengals this weekend, or that I have the Chiefs as 9 point favorites over the Broncos? The opening lines for those games are Denver -3 and Cincinnati -3. I think the CIN line may be accurate, but the DEN line looks like an attempt by the linemaker to balance the action.

Maybe I'll start posting a pick or two on this blog, just for kicks. Let's kick off the action with these picks:

Chicago +3
Tampa Bay -2.5
San Francisco +6.5


Blogger Socksy Mama said...

I wouldn't diss Tampa Bay. I think you forgot to factor in the great ability of the Cadillac.

11:36 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

I didn't diss Tampa Bay. The -2.5 means I would lay the points....that they'll win by more than 2.5.

It doesn't really matter now. That line has moved to -3.5, which is not quite as good.

2:07 PM  

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