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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

No Attention Span Theater

I'm not a person to claim that you need to fully focus on the table to win at poker, although it certainly helps. There's a good chance that, especially at lower limit SNGs, you could simply wait on good starting hands and play them aggressively in order to make the money. I've done it before, watching football or a movie or something. Usually, I have to start paying attention when it gets down to 5 people, though, or the remaining players are likely to steal most of my stack, unless I get great cards right when I need them. It's not that that never happens, it's just that it, um....never happens.

So, last night I took a shot at a $22 SNG, and it went OK, except that when I made a move with AQs, I ran into KK and QQ. It either crippled me or knocked me out right there; as usual, I don't really remember. No worries, I'll just make some more money at the $11s and take another shot, right? Well, it turns out that between reading the Tiltboys book and the 2+2 sports betting forum, I didn't watch the tables well enough, and got knocked out 5th in both tourneys I played. Oh well. I may not play again for a few days, so I can work through these distractions.

I decided on another NFL play for the weekend:
Miami Dolphins/Buffalo Bills (O 33.5)

I'm leaning toward the WAS/DEN UNDER 34, too. We'll see.

Good news for the Bears, Lions and Packers. I firmly believe that the Packers and Lions now share the common afflictions of clueless management and hapless coaching, but only the unique brand of Mike Tice nincompoopery can win a race to the bottom of the division. My Bears may have a shot at 4-5 division wins this year.


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