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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

Ah, the last week of the regular season. No one knows which teams will actually field all their starters, which are playing for the Reggie Bush lottery, and which will actually show up to play. Kinda like the preseason, and I like it, if only because it feeds the inner gambler. Without further ado, I bring you today's selections.

Selection 1: NFL Football
Denver Broncos 31-December-2005 1:30 PM PST
Spread +11 for Game -105

Selection 2: NFL Football
New York Giants/Oakland Raiders 31-December-2005 5:00 PM PST
Total Points OVER 40.5 for Game -103

Selection 3: NCAA Football
South Florida 31-December-2005 8:00 AM PST
Money Line for Game +146

Moving on... (to quote an excellent poker blogger who was kind enough to stop by and read my last post, and wish me well in the weight loss bet).

We weighed in yesterday, and I hit my weight on the nose. Of all the people that made it, I'm the only one that didn't actually lose more than I needed to. I guess that's maximum efficiency. Twelve people total, nine made their weight, so we each got $133 back on our $100 investment. 33% over 3 months isn't bad if you're investing, but it's pretty crappy for a bet. There won't be any more of those goofy wagers in my future, but there is an extra $133 in my bankroll--actually $266 more, because my lovely bride matched my winnings. Sweet -- a goofy bet with a nice overlay.

Adjusting to two kids, and having the holidays come up on us took away most of my time for playing poker. Hopefully, that will change soon (I've been playing a little .25/.50 NL Hold 'Em on FTP as I compose this). I've been doing OK in the ring games lately, so expect to hear more about them.

Finally, happy new year to all you spambots, and the couple of actual people (you know who you are).


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