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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Domain-squatting for referrals?

This is interesting. The WPBT domain name expired a couple of months ago, and I've periodically checked to see if anyone picked up the hosting. I have no personal stake in the domain name, as I've never played in any of the events, but you never know -- someday I may make it to one.

So, I check today and I end up at pokerroom.com. Some very brief research shows that http://www.wpbtonline.com now redirects to http://www.apokerroom.com/wpbtonline/ and then to http://www3.pokerroom.com/?ref=1720&page=64 and I'm guessing that someone saw the opportunity to pick up some free referrals. A quick WHOIS lookup can tell you who, if you're really interested.

I only mention this so everyone with a WPBT logo and link on their blogs can determine if this is the sort of thing they want to support, or if they want to to strip the link off the logo. I certainly don't know all (or any, really) of the bloggers involved, so I don't even know if it's one of them that registered the name. It's kind of tacky, though, so tend to think it's someone else.


Blogger peacecorn said...

I noticed that too.

4:16 PM  

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