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Monday, January 02, 2006

It's all part of my rock roll fantasy

Ouch. I sincerely apologize if anyone took those picks yesterday. They were just bad, bad, bad.

I was down to the Fantasy Bowl in my work league yesterday. Winner of the Fantasy Bowl gets 50% of the prize pool, and the loser gets nothing. I already have 30% coming to me (winning my division, plus most overall points scored in the regular season), but a nice round 80% sounded nice. Unfortunately, I rode Shaun Alexander and Matt Hasselbeck for most of the season, and they weren't getting much time in a meaningless game. I was leading until the closing minutes of the Eagles/Redskins, when the Redskins defense scored off a fumble recovery. Ouch.

Going into last night's game, I was leading my family fantasy league by 7 points. This league pays out weekly based on best score, and the big payout is for the highest scores for the course of the season. Nipping at my heels were the teams with Terry Glenn and Julius Jones. Dead meat, right? Not this time. Those cowgirls choked like they were Larry Johnson having a tender moment with his girlfriend.

Fantasy recap - 30% of the overall in the work league, and first place in the family league. That should be a few hundred more for the Vegas bankroll.

Poker recap - after a couple of winning sessions in Full Tilt ring games ($.25/.50), I dropped a buy-in ($20) yesterday. I don't think I'll be building much of a bankroll at these limits.

Sports recap - Ugly. Still up for the season, but yesterday's losses were not pleasant.

I'm feeling the Vegas itch. All of the trip reports from the recent WPBT Tournament have me eager to try out the Excalibur and MGM poker rooms, and I want to see the new Caesar's room. Of course, the Wynn and Bellagio each require a visit, as well. And Casino Royale!

Wait a minute. Did you say Casino Royale?

Yes I did. I love playing $2 craps at Casino Royale. There, I've admitted it. I also enjoy playing craps at less sticky casinos, but I always need to clock some time at the 100X odds tables.


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