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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Kill Phil v Jack Bauer

Kill Phil v Jack Bauer

I just finished reading Kill Phil and I realized that it is the poker equivalent of 24.

Check it out.

Kill Phil is geared toward beginning players, who can't hope to compete against professionals post-flop.

Jack Bauer is always playing catch-up to the bad guys, picking up clues as he goes, but never aware of the big picture.

Kill Phil gets all the money in the pot pre-flop, picking a premium hand and getting in behind it.

Jack Bauer comes up with a plan that might work, and puts it all on the line.

Jack Bauer tortures suspects for information.

Kill Phil puts good players on tilt.

Jack Bauer is considered to be out of control and a danger to the mission by the powers that be.

Kill Phil players are called donkeys, pushmonkeys and worse by the self-appointed table authorities on the game.


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