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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Donk, donk, donk-tastic. How else to sum up my performance in the DADI Omalympics Tourney last night? I might try to qualify my horrendous play by pointing out that I had never before played Pot-Limit Omaha8, but then I'd have to answer uncomfortable questions about why I ponied up the the eleven bucks to enter a tourney.

I managed to get a quick 15-minute skim of the Omaha Hi-Lo chapter in SS2, and took away two pearls of wisdom for the beginning player:

  • Only play if you have an ace.
  • Don't chase the low.

Now, that's some good advice. I figured I could follow that advice until I got comfortable in the game, and then let my "poker instinct" take it from there. Oh yeah, I'm like the LeBron James of poker...just put me out there on the court, and I let my natural talent take over.

Let's say I was dealt something along these lines -- KJT3. According to the rules outlined above, that's an easy fold, right? So why was I seeing so many flops with hands like that? How about A863? Don't chase the low...fold. Again, many flops. I may have confused natural poker talent for donktastic chip spewing ability.

I didn't go out first. I take solace in that.


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