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Monday, January 09, 2006

The Rockets' Red Glare

Someone at PokerStars is reading this blog. Even though sitemeter confirms that I am the only reader, along with spambots and itinerant poker bloggers. Well, the good doctor visited one time, anyway. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence that no one, especially people of influence at PokerStars, reads this blog, I remain convinced. And I have evidence.

Remember this post? I made a big deal out of how cool it was for Full Tilt to release a Mac client, and that everyone should buy a Mac and play online at Full Tilt. I have not yet felt the wrath of Bill Gates, but the "good people" (and I say good people in the most sarcastic, finger-quoting way possible) at PokerStars have made their displeasure known.

There was some time set aside Saturday night for poker. This is a rare and wonderful thing, as anyone with two small children will attest. I decided to try a $10+1 SNG, and see if I could turn around my recent slump in tourneys. No. Apparently not. Two SNGs, two early bust-outs. That left my PokerStars account looking pretty anemic, and so I hit the ring games to rebuild it.

The pain of reading through the hand histories is more than I can stomach, but I distinctly remember having my ass handed to me at least 3 times in an hour, by the same guy holding AA each time. Put that on my stubborn refusal to believe that he had AA every time (and he had it a couple of times when I wasn't in the hand, too). I believe that PokerStars knew that repeated AA beatdowns would tilt me, and that's what it did. Dirty bastards. Let's see if they can hurt me when I don't have any money left on their site! Ha, take that!

I still do reasonably well on Full Tilt lately, and so I guess I just kinda freaked out this weekend on the AA guy. Really irritating. I suppose I just need to suck it up and try to get a few wins. I'm intrigued by the tournament strategy set forth in Kill Phil by Blair Rodman and Lee Nelson. I may force myself to play a few tourneys by its guidelines, just to get outside of my game a little bit and see what I've been missing lately. They're printing strategy cards for people to buy and take into live tourneys, which doesn't seem too useful. If I see a guy referring to a Kill Phil strategy card, I'm pretty sure he's going all-in with premium hands, or he's folding. Not much to read, there. Still, a lot of people are reporting success using the strategy, and my guess is that the push-or-fold nature of it is tilting people left and right. It would be fun to be called a pushmonkey as I knock somebody out.


I leave for Vegas in a week and a half. Time to start watching some movies to get the blood rushing. Here are some that I have in mind:

  • The Cincinnati Kid (I just got this one, and have never seen the whole thing)
  • Swingers (They're gonna give Daddy the Rainman suite!)
  • Ocean's 11 (It's just so pretty)
  • Rounders (Johnny Fuckin Chan)


Blogger Socksy Mama said...

What about National Lampoons Vegas Vacation? Doesn't it make the cut!?! How about Sin City?

Maybe you should listen to "The Gambler" by Kenny Rodgers on the plane ride out there. Better yet, you should be singing it at the table after you go all in. Wouldn't that be entertaining?

8:11 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

That WOULD be funny.

10:12 AM  

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