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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The One With the Stuff and Some Other Stuff

Despite the recent ass-handing I've received from Tampa Bay Downs, I expect to have some picks for tomorrow's races. I didn't have the heart to post the picks and results from Tuesday's races, but let's just say I wasn't even close. I had used speed ratings as my primary key for eliminating the first batch of horses, which was an unqualified failure. Most of the horses didn't even make the top four. Ugh. I'll be returning to my "scratch the obviously bad horses" method for tomorrow's picks.

Dr. Pauly is an outstanding human being. BG went under the knife this week, and is going to be shouldering a heavy load of medical bills. Pauly took it upon himself to hold an impromptu fundraiser for him, which generated a pretty impressive response from the poker blogosphere. As a gambler, I chose the "tip the dealer" method of donating, by putting $10 down for him on one of my awful horses. I figure I'll give it another go tomorrow, and hopefully better picks will mean some bigger funds.

For some crazy reason, Mrs. Jackmama has taken pity on me and told me that I must play a tournament tonight. Wouldn't that be fun, if I could add some more actual poker content to my poker blog? Well, we'll see. After my last post on taking money away from people on Full Tilt, they leapt up and took some back. I dropped 3 buy-ins at the NL tables when my hands failed to hold up. I've earned much of it back, and I had my money in while I was ahead, so I'm not upset about it. I actually managed to cash in a single-table SNG last night, too. I was a heavy underdog when we got to heads-up, but managed to fight my way back to even. I raised a standard 3x the blinds with ATo, and he called. The flop came 995 and I pushed, since he'd folded to all of my pushes to that point. He called and showed 55. Ouch. Well, at least I played a decent game and made some money.


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