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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Tampa Bay Downs 2-4-06

Race 1 - 6 Unbridled Mistress (5/2). With the possible exception of the unknown 7 Spring Star, this has got to be strongest horse in a weak field. If I weren't dodging long shots today, I would maybe throw a win bet down on 7 to see what happens.
UPDATE: Went off 2/1, didn't factor. Nice start. 7 took 3rd, so the longshot wasn't so hot, either.

Race 2 - 1 Stormy World (5/1). Some solid speed numbers, decent jockey and trainer. Another race where there isn't much good to find, and so if this one goes off 3/1 or better, it's probably a decent pick.
UPDATE: Went off 3/1, finished 4th.

Race 3 - 7 Secret Fantasy (7/2). This race actually has a couple of horses in it. 1 Sox it to Me and 8 Premiers Secret are likely to jump out to a quick lead, but I see 8 fading about halfway, leading 1 to fight off 2 Sweet Hello and 7. The last time 2 and 7 tangled, 7 pulled out the win with Clemente in the saddle, and the last time 2 won, Clemente was in the saddle. Where is Clemente today? Back in 7, so that's my pick.
UPDATE: Went off 6/1, no factor. 2 won it, followed by 1 and 8.

I may forgo commentary with my picks. I tend to babble, and I don't know if it adds much.

Race 4 - 3 Preceptor (3/1).
UPDATE: Went off 2/1, finished 4th. It's been a tough day so far.

Race 5 - Hard to pick this one, since a couple of the best horses are listed as "Also eligible." 9 Won Jenelle (5/2) has to be the best horse in the field, but 10 Killing M Softly (3/1) has a solid chance. If eligible, 12 Dance Matic (6/1) would get my win bet
UPDATE: About damned time. Dance Matic went off at 3/1 and won. 9 and 10 were scratched.


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