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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Back to Happyland

Is anyone still out there?

There are only so many hours in the day. As I've mentioned before, I'm married to a wonderful and patient lady, and we have two children. Our son is going to be 2 years old next week, and our daughter will hit 4 months in a couple weeks. I think it's safe to speak for all parents when I say that the amount of time and work involved in raising children does not double with the second one...it's an exponential increase. Fortunately for me, our kids are happy, healthy and well-behaved, so we have it easier than some.

The time for poker and horse racing is severely limited, and so there are long stretches (like the last couple weeks) where there have been no blog updates. This has been a shared function of not much to write, and nothing to write about. I'm pretty sure I left 9 racing forms on the table last month because I didn't find any time to handicap races. BG has been going crazy at the track, and even spun off a dedicated horse racing blog. I hope to pick up some more knowledge from him, and soon. My picks the last few times out have been horrendous.

I played a live tournament last weekend at the home of a co-worker. Out of 26 people, I finished 11th, which made me bubble boy for the final table. I played a tight-aggressive game, and the blinds were starting to wear me down when I found pocket jacks. It folded around to the big stack on my right, appropriately nicknamed "the Enforcer." He called with 7s and hit another one on the turn to knock me out. I played well and had a good time, and managed to earn back $40 in a cash game to follow, so I'm not bitter about the $60 I left there. Many of the players are involved in a weekly tournament, and most of them that I played against were pretty good, so I feel pretty good about my live game. One of the nice things about poker is that the more you play, the better you get, but once you reach a certain level of competency you can at least make a good showing for yourself during long stretches of not playing.

And I'm going to need a good showing. Many of the players from last weekend are Vegas-bound and have been needling Troy to go along. Have I ever mentioned that Troy is my boss, as well as a good friend? Anyway, he was feeling the temptation today, and leaned on me a little bit. I know that it's not at all the role of the responsible husband and father to jet off to Vegas at the least suggestion, and so I called my Dear and Patient Wife to hear how it just wouldn't be feasible. Dear and Patient Wife said, "Make it happen." I am the luckiest man in the world.

So, I'm returning to the Happiest Place on Earth for a return engagement next Wednesday through Saturday. The crappy flight (Milwaukee to Houston to Vegas) is compensated for by the nice suite at THEHotel at Mandalay Bay. All for $600. That's pretty sweet, considering it's NCAA Tournament and NASCAR week. I fully intend to spend all of my gambling time at the poker table and sports book, and avoid the severely -EV games that killed me last time.

With any luck, I'll be updating the blog more regularly. Thanks to anyone that's still hanging around and reading.


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