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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Odds & Ends

I had a great time in Vegas, and made back almost the entire cost of the trip. If I hadn't donked away $160 playing the horses on Saturday, I would have been close to dead even. Most of the time was spent wiling away the hours in the poker room at Caesar's Palace, which has bumped Bellagio as my favorite room. There was also a night of casino-hopping for craps and blackjack, and we hit enough hot tables to provide a nice return, although the bulk of my winnings came from the 1/2 NL game at Caesar's.

I was hoping to try and win a World Series entry at Full Tilt. However, I took a look at their info page, and they're only giving away Main Event seats. Unfortunately for me, I'll be traveling during that week, and couldn't play the Main Event even if I won a seat. I'm not playing any other sites, either. Trying to keep money in a bunch of online sites in order to play various WPBT tourneys or WSOP satellites is ridiculous. I made the decision to concentrate my play on one site, and since Poker Stars continues to ignore Mac users, Full Tilt won by default.

Did I mention that I donked away $160 playing the horses on Saturday? I can't remember the last time I picked a winner, and it's eating away at me. I think I'll have to step away from the ponies for a while, as they are very unprofitable. I'll fill the void with more poker, and may even venture down to the local bingo hall for some live 3/5 NL. I think I convinced myself with this last trip to Vegas that I can play well enough to win consistently in a live game, and it's time to find out.

This has been a lot of rambling, but I needed to let some air out. When you haven't written for a while, the pressure builds up slowly and you feel more and more like you need to break the silence with something momentous, and the more the pressure builds, the less you feel up to the task. I'm hoping this random spewing relieves the pressure enough that I can tell some of the notable stories from this trip.


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