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Monday, June 26, 2006

Welcome Back

If it weren't for the dates on the posts, this page would always look like it had just been updated. The unspoken beauty of the Intarweb is that the thing never ages, pages just go 404.

Following two trips to Vegas in quick succession, I just never got back in the online poker groove. For a while before that, I had lost interest in tourney poker, and the weak hold of ring games was never re-established. In retrospect, I probably should have taken the opportunity to become a regular at the local bingo hal...er, Indian casino, but time just slipped by. With April comes baseball season, and with May comes summertime. In the absence of a full-on poker obsession, there is little incentive to play.

I jumped onto Full Tilt this weekend to play, and wandered into a $10+1 SNG. I figured it would be fun to get back into the swing of things with a tourney, in honor of the beginning of the WSOP this week. I played tight for a short while and woke up with QQ on the button. Blinds were at 25/50 and 4 or 5 people called ahead of me. Time to thin the field, so I raise to 200. UTG calls and a middle position player calls, and everyone else drops. Nice.

Flop comes rags, with two clubs and a 9 as the highest card. I figure the likely hands that beat me are slow-played AA or KK, and maybe 99. I fire out 500 at the 800 pot, UTG re-raises a negligible amount all-in, mid-position folds, and I call the couple hundred re-raise. UTG shows 84c, proceeds to hit his flush and leave me crippled. My desperation push a couple hands later goes nowhere, and I go out first.

I guess that's how poker treats you when you return. It stores up all the bad beats you would have gotten and delivers them in one majestic blow.

[UPDATE: I realize that the numbers don't add up. Yeah, my memory sucks. It's basically what happened, though. Big raise pre-flop, not quite pot-size bet.]


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