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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Wow. There are a lot of angry people out there. I have to nominate BG as my hero of the day, though. If you can get worked into a frenzy over an online gaming ban, after sleepwalking through a host of other outrages committed by the American government, then you may need to take a deep breath and try to consider if maybe you do have a gambling problem. The Republican Party is really testing the limits of what a culture focused on American Idol and Grey's Anatomy will accept before waking up and questioning authority. People can only be gullible about security for a limited time, right? Right?

You can't be the wind beneath my wings for just one good post, though. After reading BG's poker blog commentary, I decided to clean up the blog a little bit. Most of the people linked to the right drift away from poker content much of the time, and that's what keeps me reading. A couple of blogs had to be dropped from the list, simply because they tended toward hand history/game recap posts. There's nothing wrong with those, but I don't have a whole lot of interest in them any more. I considered moving my blog to something without "poker" in the time, but, ah, fuck it. Anyone that actually reads this blog can't be that finicky about what they're reading, or if it stays on topic.

So, let's see. Online horse racing is still legal. Youbet is probably the most mature and best service, unless you use a mac and want streaming video. Still, since I can get TVG on Directv, I guess streaming video isn't that big a deal.

I'm headed back out to Vegas in December. That will be my 4th trip in a year, which is definitely a new record for me. I toyed with the idea of staying somewhere cheap, but I couldn't do it. Mrs. Jackmama and I will be enjoying 3 nights at the Bellagio. I think it'll be at the tail-end of the Five Diamond Poker Classic, so maybe we'll see some lively poker action.

Government actions to legislate morality are bad. Make no mistake. I see a silver lining in this online gaming ban, though. I've drifted away from online poker and poker discussion sites in the last several months because it got to where I saw many people playing a different game. Multi-tabling and poker-tracker and all the other technology-dependent strategies toward winning in online poker just seem like work to me. I've always had a soft spot for the game of poker where 9 or 10 people sit down and play the game. So, for me, the loss on online poker is not a loss at all, since I had drifted away from that culture already.

You know what is a loss to me? Online sports betting. Fuck you, Frist and all your nanny-government cohorts.


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